Badari: The creation of four higher schools within the next university entry – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kamel Badari, revealed today, Thursday in Algiers, that four higher schools will be established during the next university entry (2023-2024), which included training in several fields, including robotics and drone technologies.

Badari explained in a public session devoted to asking oral questions in the National Assembly, chaired by Salih Goujil, Speaker of the Council, that the creation of these higher schools falls within the framework of “expanding the network of university institutions and updating the formation map to ensure harmony with the requirements of the social and economic environment and to harmonize education with the process of ongoing transformations in the Code. The professions and opportunities available in the labor market, in addition to raising the quality of the performance of the human resource and adapting the national system of the sector to global changes.

He pointed out that this “new regulatory framework comes in line with the government’s directions towards strengthening the guidance of new baccalaureate holders towards scientific and technological disciplines, starting with university entry 2023-2024, and opening new training paths to train engineers at the level of 18 university institutions, not to mention increasing the number of training offers.” The joint ventures prepared with economic operators and various partners amounted to 454 offers, which represents 30% of the total national training offers.

And after pointing out that within the past two years (7) higher national schools were established, which included training in several areas, including automated information technologies, artificial intelligence, mathematics, renewable energies, the environment and sustainable development, the minister highlighted that the development of the studies and training system aims to bring about a “qualitative leap.” And this is through “establishing new training patterns that are globally approved, such as distance education and rotational training, which allows building joint training offers with economic partners.”

By the way, he stressed that “the sector is currently working on establishing a new special system that gives the university its pioneering role in creating a university environment based on education that leads to building emerging economic institutions and achieving the expected new leap from them, to become a real locomotive of national development that contributes to the transition of society to the stage of prosperity and progress.” and prosperity.”

Regarding doctoral training, Badari said, “A new vision has been established in the preparation of training projects based on interaction with national and international research projects, allowing national research to be directed to serve the government’s priorities in the field of food security, energy security, and citizen health.”

On the other hand, the minister affirmed that the sector’s digitization process is proceeding at a “rapid pace”, especially after the launch of the sector’s digitization plan, which includes (40) digital platforms and (102) practical programmes, with the aim of digitizing all operations related to the sector, including registration and payment of rights. For students, studying the files of candidates for various formative or professional competitions, following up on the professional path, as well as digitizing the processes related to the service side.

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