The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Youssef Shorfa, announced that the increases will be poured into the pensions approved by the President of the Republic, starting next March 10.
Shorfa said in an exclusive statement to Algerian television that the increase in wages affects two million and 800 thousand people, 10 percent of whom are employed and 90 percent who are retired.

Shorfa added that the retirement grant affects two million and 985 thousand beneficiaries, the unemployment grant affects two million beneficiaries, and the unemployment grant in its new form is 15,000 DZD.

All pensions will be paid in the prescribed increase, starting from March 10 until March 20, 2023, and all pensions will be poured in the prescribed increase before the holy month of Ramadan.

Shorfa said that the integration rate in the administrative sector reached 98.5% after integrating 321,621 out of a total of 326,115 beneficiaries.


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