Barkos Massoud to “Al-Hiwar”: “Our goal is to honor Algeria in the World Cup” – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Masoud Berkous, the star of the national handball team, revealed the goals of the Greens from Tunisia’s lurking, indicating that they will work hard to reach the maximum level of readiness before the World Cup.

He said: “Before the last Romania wait-up, there were not many special dates in order to play the largest number of friendly matches, and in the Romania wait-up it was an opportunity for players who did not play much this season, in order to enter the atmosphere, but in the Tunisia wait-up we will strive to work more, Since it is the last zig zag before entering the World Cup, so we will work to give everything we have to reach maximum readiness.”

On the chances of the Greens in the fifth group, in which the Greens will compete with Germany, Qatar and Serbia, he said: “We know our level well, and we have fallen into a very difficult group with the presence of Germany, Qatar and Serbia, and we have paid the price for fifth place in the last African Cup, so the three teams What we will face is strong, but we will try to live up to the Algerian masses’ expectations of us.”

As for the injury he suffered before moving to Tunisia, he said: “I received an injury recently, and I underwent tests, which confirmed that I do not suffer from any serious injury, but I will need some rest and work with the medical staff and the physical record, and we will see after waiting in Tunisia if I am ready to compete in World Championship or not”.

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