Belabed orders the authentication of the certificates of the integrated professors – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Minister of National Education, Abdelhakim Belaabed, gave instructions to organize professional exams for promotion on January 21st, calling in the same context on the directors of education to ensure the smooth running of this process, according to what was stated today, Saturday, in a statement by the ministry.

And while he chaired, last Thursday, a national symposium via video conference, in the presence of executives from the central administration, the director of the National Bureau for Examinations and Competitions, and directors of education, the minister gave instructions regarding the initiation of the process of documenting the certificates of merged contracting professors, and making sure to mark the nominal lists with the title 2022 and prepare for the mobility movement. annual early.

The minister called for preparations for the resumption of the work of the mobile committees affiliated to the General Inspectorate of the Ministry of National Education, with the aim of accompanying and training, and contributing to addressing outstanding situations, if any, preparing for the annual mobility movement early and completing the payment of the remaining financial residues to the users concerned with it.

The minister also followed up on the status of paying the arbitrary allowance related to the sale of textbooks, as well as the outcome of the work of the committees charged with inventorying pedagogical technical equipment at the level of former technical education high schools.

In conclusion, the Minister urged everyone to prepare well for the training and accompaniment process, which will soon be launched at the regional and state levels, as part of the preparation for the primary education assessment exam.

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