Belabed: The file of contractual professors’ integration has been closed permanently – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The Minister of National Education, Abdel Hakim Belabed, confirmed today, Monday, that the file of integrating contract teachers has been permanently closed.

Today, during his hosting of the Radio Forum, the minister added that the decision to integrate the contracting professors was taken by the President of the Republic in the Council of Ministers convened on December 11, 2022, and the decision was implemented tightly and in record time.

Minister Belaabed explained that the demarcation decision pertains to contract professors who were present in vacant positions, adding that Executive Decree 461 was issued, followed by a joint ministerial instruction that accurately gives the parameters to those concerned with integration.

The minister added that the teacher integration file is closed and everyone will resume work after the resumption of studies next week. Stressing that all professors who met the conditions were integrated, and those who did not meet the conditions, there are other opportunities. Pointing out that these positions do not affect those reserved for graduates of high schools for professors.

Regarding the draft law on the education sector, Belabed revealed that it has been finalized, considering that the new private law is not an amendment to a previous law, but rather a strategic step for the state.

In this regard, the Minister of Education said that the document includes many social gains for the professor who will move to another classification, as well as reducing the size of the teacher’s quest and opening the way for promotion to higher positions that carry a pedagogical character in the ministry.

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