Belaid supervises the installation of the members of the Supreme Council of the Arabic Language – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Today, Wednesday, the President of the Supreme Council of the Arabic Language, Saleh Belaid, supervised, in Algiers, the inauguration of the 42 members of the Council who were appointed by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.
The installation took place according to the presidential decree dated May 17, 2023 and issued in the Official Gazette on June 6, in the presence of representatives of national bodies, as well as the frameworks of the Supreme Council for the Arabic Language.
In his speech to him, on the occasion, the President of the Council mentioned the importance that the state attaches to the Arabic language as one of the national constants, pointing out that this installation falls within the context of “giving linguistic citizenship the importance it deserves as a universal language.”
Mr. Belaid urged the members of the Council to “carry out their responsibilities to contribute to the development of the Arabic language and to spread its use and advancement in the fields of science and technology” while working to “transfer the developments of knowledge from the rest of the living languages ​​to the Arabic language to be a tributary of the tributaries of the new Algeria.”
The official did not miss the opportunity to praise the Council’s efforts in recent years, through which it was able to “achieve important projects, especially in the field of digitization.”
For their part, the members of the Council affirmed, in a speech read on their behalf by Professor Jilali Ben Yasho, their endeavor to work for “the flourishing of the Arabic language, generalization of its use in scientific and technological fields, and encouragement of translation into it.”
On the occasion, the members expressed their “extreme thanks and appreciation to the President of the Republic for the confidence he placed in them,” referring to the state’s commitment to preserving the Arabic language.
The list of the Supreme Council for the Arabic Language includes 20 members who were chosen based on their competence, in addition to 22 others who represent departments, institutions and public bodies.

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