Belaribi: Establishment of monitoring committees affiliated to the Technical Supervision Authority for Construction – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Today, Thursday, the Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi, made a presentation on public equipment. This was before the Education, Higher Education, Scientific Research and Religious Affairs Committee of the National People’s Assembly. It focused on the achievements of the Ministry of Housing, Urbanism and the City in the public equipment sector during the year 2022.

Belaribi revealed the re-launch of the Green Mosque project, and we are waiting for the financial funds to start the work in it, after it was suspended, with the adoption of the pattern of renewable energies in the management of the various systems inside it.

Belaribi said that a financial envelope estimated at 70 billion dinars has been allocated as a commitment license for the new program to build 199 new educational facilities, and 13 billion dinars as commitment licenses for the re-evaluation of 228 educational facilities, i.e. the restoration of these 228 educational institutions.

He added: We are preparing for school entry 2023-2024 with a huge number of public equipment, so that 567 educational institutions will be prepared at the national level in order to launch them in 2023, and the minister announced the establishment of monitoring committees affiliated with the Technical Supervision Authority for Construction.

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