Belhadj: The Constitutional Court is a legal edifice that Algeria has the right to be proud of to nations – Algerian Dialogue

The President of the Constitutional Court, Omar Belhaj, said today, Monday in Algiers, that the Constitutional Court, which the President of the Republic, Mr.

And in his speech during the opening of the works of the International Forum on “Citizen’s Right to Access to the Constitutional Judiciary” organized by the Constitutional Court at the Palace of Nations on the occasion of the first anniversary of its founding, Belhadj said that the latter is “a legal edifice that we have the right to brag about to nations, and that the President of the Republic originated it Mr. Abdel Majeed Tebboune, when he launched deep reform workshops, the first of which was a deep and comprehensive review of the constitution.

He added that the constitutional amendment initiated by President Tebboune and the Algerian people’s praise in 2020 “enshrines the principles of true democracy and a true balance between powers, protects the rights and freedoms of citizens, and enshrines the independence of the judiciary and the principles of impartial governance and oversight in all its dimensions.”

He emphasized the keenness of the constitutional founder to “ensure the supremacy of the constitution and promote the status of the constitutional judiciary through the establishment of a constitutional court with broad powers,” as it placed it “at the forefront of the oversight institutions charged with ensuring respect for the constitution, controlling the functioning of institutions and the activity of public authorities, adjudicating disputes that may occur between constitutional authorities, as well as interpreting provisions of the constitution.”

Turning to the activities of the Constitutional Commission, which he heads, Mr. Belhaj affirmed the Constitutional Court’s keenness, since its inauguration, to “lay out a road map for its work, as scientific activity occupied a pivotal place among its chapters.”

He explained that, on this basis, it was decided to celebrate the first anniversary of the inauguration of the court by organizing a scientific forum with an international dimension on the topic of “the citizen’s right to access constitutional justice in the light of comparative systems.”

On the occasion, he reviewed the outcome of the court’s work, which he said had issued, since its inauguration, “34 decisions in the field of unconstitutionality and six decisions on the occasion of tribal monitoring of four organic laws, one order, and one law.”

And he considered that its first decision in the field of arguing unconstitutionality was “historic, according to which the Constitutional Court declared the constitutionality of Article 24 of the law that regulates the legal profession and which guarantees legal protection for lawyers while exercising the right of defense, in a way that makes him immune from all forms of pressure.”

The Constitutional Court also announced, adds Belhadj, “the final results on the occasion of the mid-term renewal of the elected members of the National Assembly, as well as the election of members of the National Assembly for new mandates. in the National People’s Assembly.

He explained that within the framework of its international relations, the Constitutional Court participated in all demonstrations related to constitutional justice, announcing its participation “during the next few days in the founding conference of the Conference of Constitutional Bodies of the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, after it had effectively contributed to the development of The first building block of this space.

He pointed out that the court also initiated contact with friendly constitutional courts and councils in order to “establish permanent relations aimed at exchanging experiences and best practices in the field of constitutional justice,” calling on the participants in the forum to “establish cooperation relations and exchange experiences and expertise.”

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