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Prime Minister Ayman Ben Abdelrahman said Thursday in the American capital, Washington, that Algeria “has always placed the interests of the African continent, its countries and the African Union among its top priorities.”
In a speech during the US-African Summit, in which he is participating as a representative of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the Prime Minister said that “Algeria, proud of its African affiliation, has always placed the interests of the African continent, its countries and the African Union among its top priorities.”
He added that Algeria has engaged and contributed to the embodiment of all initiatives aimed at promoting continental integration, and seeks, along with its brothers, to “encourage factors of economic integration and integrated development in order to achieve common prosperity, achieve sustainable development goals and strengthen the pillars of peace and security in Africa.”
He stressed that Algeria envisions its national projects and development plans “according to an integrated vision.”
The Prime Minister highlighted Algeria’s contribution to development efforts in Africa at the bilateral level, especially through “the formation of human capital in various fields, and many solidarity initiatives and forms of fruitful cooperation with African countries, especially neighboring countries.”
On the same occasion, Ben Abderrahmane, on behalf of Algeria, praised the importance given during the summit to several core issues, especially the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the challenge of food security.
In this regard, he referred to the great progress made by Algeria in the embodiment of this agenda at the national level, which is reflected in “the high evaluation that followed the submission of the first and second national reports, which allowed highlighting the important national measures implemented by Algeria in order to contribute to the embodiment of the continental agenda.”
With regard to the challenge of food security, which is a national priority, the Prime Minister recalled the praise of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for the progress made by Algeria, especially through developing and intensifying production and improving its quality, rationalizing consumption patterns and effective and sustainable management of resources.
In the same context, Mr. Bin Abd al-Rahman praised the preliminary results of the American-African summit, which lays down “a correct vision about the solutions that we should formulate according to a cooperative and participatory approach.”
He touched on the African-American partnership, which he said had witnessed a “quantitative leap since the first summit hosted by the United States of America, in August 2014,” praising the many valuable American initiatives aimed mainly at Africa in the fields of nutrition, energy, higher education, and the intensification of trade exchange with South African countries. Desert.
On the political level, the Prime Minister noted with satisfaction the will shown by the American authorities to intensify political consultations with African countries on the most important regional and international issues and issues of common concern.
In light of the current global and regional developments, Mr. Bin Abdulrahman called for “working together in order to formulate real solutions and develop new mechanisms that would prevent underlying crises and settle disputes, on the basis of international legitimacy, and within the framework of consensus and multilateralism, in a way that guarantees the rights and interests of all.” .
He recalled the dangers afflicting the African continent, on top of which are “terrorism, violent extremism, and the effects of climate change that have caused human losses to African peoples, extreme poverty, food and health crises, and millions of forced migrants.”
He added, “This extremely disturbing situation, which creates a state of instability in the region, requires us to show greater commitment and close cooperation to effectively face these challenges.”
He highlighted the efforts of the member states of the African Union to “upgrade continental cooperation and plans to face these challenges and risks.”
He recalled efforts to combat terrorism, through security mechanisms such as the Police Cooperation Agency and the African Center for Studies and Research on Terrorism, which Algeria embraces.
In this regard, he announced that Algeria, in partnership with the United States of America, will host next spring a seminar on combating terrorism in Africa.
Speaking about the climate field, he considered that the 27th United Nations Climate Conference allows highlighting the grave and permanent risks that climate change poses to Africa.
On the economic level, the prime minister enumerated the “complicated developmental problems” that African countries suffer from, compounded by the consequent debt problem, which constitutes “an obstacle to their development efforts, which prompts us to think together about ways to overcome this problem and liberate African economies from the shackles of indebtedness.”
He stressed the importance of supporting African countries by “injecting effective and efficient investments that are in line with their national development plans, especially in the areas of basic facilities, agriculture, energy and mines, and manufacturing industries, while aligning the efforts devoted in these fields with the goals of continental integration and the aspirations of the African Union’s Agenda 2063.”
It is also necessary – as he added – to focus on “transferring expertise and technology, which contributes to the establishment of a new economic environment suitable for innovation, wealth creation and job positions to absorb unemployment, whose rates in African countries are known at alarming levels.”
In this context, the Prime Minister praised the many initiatives announced by US President Joe Biden, in his speech to the African-American Business Forum, which he said “must be implemented according to a specific schedule.”

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