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The head of the National Building Movement, Abd al-Qadir bin Qarina, offered his sincere condolences to the Syrian and Turkish people because of the news of the strong earthquake that struck a vast area of ​​northern Syria and southern Turkey, leaving hundreds dead and wounded, in addition to the resulting collapse of buildings and the besieging of many civilians.

And the message of condolence stated, “We send in the National Building Movement our sincere condolences and sympathy to the brotherly Arab Republic of Syria and the Republic of Turkey and to the Syrian and Turkish peoples, and we ask God for mercy and forgiveness for the victims and for their families patience and solace, wishing a speedy recovery for all the injured and safety for the two brotherly peoples in Syria and Turkey from all evil and protection from all harm;

Bin Qurainah expressed his absolute solidarity with the two peoples, saying, “We also express our solidarity with our Syrian and Turkish brothers, government and people, in these exceptional circumstances, and we affirm our standing by their side to overcome the effects of this painful ordeal.

It is an occasion in which we call for a humanitarian donation to overcome the effects of the earthquake, especially in Syria, through its official state institutions.”

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