Benzema embarrasses Macron because of Deschamps – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

It seems that French international player Karim Benzema is on the verge of a new crisis with coach Didi Deschamps, due to the statements of the former French captain, who revealed that he was not interested in Benzema’s presence in the final with his colleagues, after journalists asked him about that.

And the Real Madrid striker posted a post on his account via “Instagram” in which he wrote, “I am not interested,” which added to the confusion about this issue, as French media expected that things would develop more between two legs, especially since Deschamps was criticizing Ben every time. Zima, despite his return to the team.

The newspaper “Le Parisien” also revealed that French President Emmanuel Macron had invited Ben Zima to travel with him to Doha and attend the final, but the best player in the world refused that, and confirmed that he was not interested in attending the final, and Benzema is entitled to a gold or silver medal, if France’s national team is crowned or lost, because it is still in the list of roosters concerned with the tournament, after he left the “roosters” camp two days before his country’s first match in the World Cup against Australia due to a muscle injury, from which he recently recovered.

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