Boghali: Food security is the backbone of national sovereignty – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

President of the National People’s Assembly, Ibrahim Bougali, affirmed today, Tuesday, that Algeria can secure its food by exploiting the available capabilities and what it has prepared at the legal, political and financial levels, which he considered to be an appropriate environment to reach all the ruling goals.

Boghali made it clear in a speech he delivered at the inauguration of the parliamentary day marked “Towards a National Strategy for Food Security” that food security is the backbone of national sovereignty, and therefore citizens’ livelihoods cannot be left dependent on food imports.

pointed out The President of the Council praised the importance that President Abdelmadjid Tebboune attached to this sector, and Boghali praised the great steps achieved by agricultural production, which contributed to reducing the import bill and gave tangible impetus to the effort to ensure self-sufficiency and even to export products within the framework of creating alternative wealth for oil revenues.

The President of the Council recalled the effectiveness of the measures by which Algeria protected society from the danger of food shortages during the Corona pandemic, and stressed that Algeria is counting on investment in the agricultural sector to enhance national production, recalling that it is the radical solution to address the high prices of food and its scarcity, as confirmed by the President of the Republic himself.

Bogali reviewed the role of some technical structures and mechanisms that were established or used in order to achieve food security, such as the Office for the Development of Industrial Agriculture in the desert, the application of sprinkler and drip irrigation systems over large areas, as well as the use of renewable energies at the level of agricultural investments located in the high plateaus and the south.

The Chairman of the Council highlighted the new strategy for the forest branch sector, which in turn contributes to diversifying the economy and improving the incomes of the population, especially the rural population, as well as relying on the university in the field of environmentally friendly fertilizers and pesticides, as well as in the branch of innovative technological solutions.

Bogali concluded his speech by thanking the Agriculture, Fishing and Environmental Protection Committee for its efforts to accompany the government in promoting the sector, pointing to the positive results achieved by the information missions in this regard.

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