Bourne: The Immigration Law Combines Firmness and Humanity – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The political debate has officially started in the French Parliament on the draft law on immigration and asylum, which will be approved in early 2023, in the event that the French government succeeds in mobilizing support around it and overcoming the points of contention between the right and the left, after it was presented by Prime Minister Elizabeth Born.

The head of the French government, Elisabeth Bourne, when presenting the bill before the General Assembly, which includes “tightening expulsions, accelerating asylum procedures, and a special settlement for illegal workers,” stressed that the bill combines “firmness and humanity.” Bourne says, “The philosophy of this future text is Take a faster decision, expel the “rejected” and better integrate those who should remain on our lands,” according to Emmanuel Macron’s directives.

Parliamentarians from the French right opposed the establishment of a “short-term” residence permit to help sectors that suffer in finding labor, which would enable the settlement of the status of illegal workers. A working group led by Representatives Stella Dupont and Mathieu Lefebvre – a representative of the left and an elected representative of the right – is holding hearings to overcome controversial issues, as the draft law is considered a test for the French executive.

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