Broad powers for local groups.. This is President Tebboune’s recipe for fighting bureaucracy – the Algerian dialogue

Local groups should form a strong link in the new Algeria, so that the importance of the states and municipalities in the country lies in their role in attracting and achieving social and economic development.

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who spent a large part of his career in the local authorities, insists on granting the latter broad powers and competencies that are at the level of the current challenges. Therefore, all regions of the country are invited today to play a major economic role.

As for the President of the Republic, it is the responsibility of the states, which have great potential and multi-talented youth, to create wealth, as the President no longer accepts talking about regions facing unemployment and poor living.

He is convinced that the transformation in Algeria should start from within the local groups, which must be liberated from the bureaucratic centralization that prevailed in a bygone era.

The power of polarization in Algeria and its competitiveness stems from its ability to involve local governors and elected officials and hold them responsible for the country’s economic advancement.

Therefore, the time has come today for a real transformation at the state level to achieve the development goals set by the Head of State, because Algeria’s development takes place at the level of local communities and not in central administrations.

Thanks to local groups freed from the burden of bureaucracy, the country will inevitably become more polarized, prosperous and powerful.

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