Casablanca Court.. 20 years in prison for terrorists Mohamed Zitout and Amir Boukhers

The Criminal Court of First Instance in Casablanca in Algiers convicted, last Monday night, in absentia, the terrorists Mohamed Zitout and Amir Boukhers, called “Amir Di Zad”, and Manar Manasri, with a penalty of 20 years in prison and a fine of one million dinars, with the support of the international arrest warrant against them for following them with the felony of carrying out With acts of vandalism and prejudice to the unity and safety of the homeland during the wave of forest fires that affected the state of Tipasa in 2020.
In the same case, the same judicial authority issued sentences between one year in prison and acquittal against 17 other defendants who are being pursued in this case.
The defendants in this case were also prosecuted on charges of felony arson that led to damage to state property, harm to others, arson leading to death, incitement to unarmed gathering, and other charges.
As a reminder, the state of Tipaza recorded in November 2020 fires that caused the death of two people by burning in Qawraiya and the displacement of 45 families after their homes were damaged, in addition to losses in the agricultural sector and the destruction of forests.

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