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The Criminal Court of First Instance in Casablanca in Algiers ruled today, Friday, that the head of the terrorist “Al-Mak” movement, Farhat Mhenni, was convicted in absentia of life imprisonment, with the support of an international arrest warrant issued against him on criminal charges, especially “the felony of undermining national unity, the stability of institutions and their normal functioning by creating an atmosphere of absence of security”.
The same judicial authority convicted 11 fugitive defendants with the same penalty, while it issued sentences ranging from 4 years in prison to two (02) years in prison, as well as acquittals against 5 arrested defendants.

The head of the Al-Mak terrorist movement and his co-defendants in this case were also prosecuted on charges of “creating and belonging to a terrorist organization” and “spreading the ideas of a terrorist organization” as well as “inciting hatred and calling for violence,” in addition to the charge of “insulting the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and desecrating the Holy Qur’an.” And other charges.

On November 14, the Criminal Court of First Instance in Casablanca issued, in absentia, a life sentence against the head of the terrorist “MAC” movement, for pursuing the felony of establishing and operating a terrorist organization and undermining the safety and unity of the country in another case.

He was also convicted of the same sentence (life imprisonment) last November 24 by the same court, following up on criminal charges in the case of the assassination of the young Jamal Ben Ismail in August 2021, on Wednesday, Nath Irathen, in the state of Tizi Ouzou.

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