Civil Protection: 47 people were rescued due to weather fluctuations in M’sila and Awlad Jalal – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

In the last 24 hours, the civil protection services rescued 47 people in the states of M’sila and Awlad Jalal, who were in a state of danger, due to the recent weather fluctuations.
A statement by the same interests revealed, today, Tuesday, that the civil protection teams intervened in order to carry out several rescue and aid operations for people in danger, as well as absorbing rainwater inside homes and residences as a result of weather fluctuations, indicating that all means were harnessed from the wilayas of M’sila, Umm El-Bouaghi, and Biskra. Constantine, Guelma, Khenchela and Awlad Jalal.
He added that during this period, 47 people who were in danger were rescued in the states of M’sila and Awlad Jalal.
Also, the statement adds, 11 vehicles were removed, including 5 cars, two (02) buses transporting passengers and 4 trucks, which were confined due to the high water level in each of the wilayats of M’sila, Umm al-Bouqi and Awlad Jalal.
The civil protection interests recorded 3 collapses in each of the wilayas of Constantine, Biskra and Khenchela, which resulted in the injury of a woman, following the collapse of the roof of a house in the municipality of Biskra.

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