Civil society activities praise the outcomes of the government meeting in Tissemsilt – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Representatives of civil society activities in the state of Tissemsilt praised the decisions of the government meeting, which was hosted by the same state on Wednesday, and singled out to study and discuss the roadmap for the implementation of the supplementary program for the development of the state, which was approved by the Council of Ministers last Sunday.

In this regard, the state governor of the Algerian Islamic Scouts, Mohamed Kabi, appreciated the “important decisions” that were included in the government meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, Mr. It is sought by the citizens of the region.”

Qabi added that the results of this meeting were “fruitful, especially in the field of decommissioning projects, foremost of which is the registration of the duplication project of National Road No. 14 between Tissemsilt and Khemis Miliana, which the residents of the wilaya have been waiting for for several years.”

For his part, the head of the state office of the Algerian Guidance and Reform Association, Khelifi Abdelkader, expressed great satisfaction with the decisions included in the government meeting, which he saw as “came in response to the concerns of the residents of Tissemsilt, which were raised by their representatives during their meeting a few days ago with the Minister of Interior, Local Communities and Urban Planning.” .

The head of the state office of the Algerian Tradesmen and Craftsmen Union, Benyahia Mahrouk, approved the decisions emanating from the government meeting, which were, according to him, “in the interest of the citizen and met his needs and aspirations for a better development future for the state, which has suffered for years from many development shortcomings.”

The spokesman added that the decisions of this meeting attached great importance to the remote rural areas of the state by allocating an “important program” to support rural construction and registering developmental operations for rural communities that enable the provision of job positions for the youth of these areas.

For his part, the sheikh of the corner of Sheikh Moulay Larbi al-Taweel of the “Mitija” region in the municipality of Bordj Bounaama, Ahmed Omar, highlighted that the decisions that resulted from the government meeting to allocate development operations for the benefit of the state will allow “extricating the region from its isolation and developing it, especially the remote mountainous rural areas.”

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