Collaboration between Sonelgaz and Libyan Jecol – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The President, General Manager of the Sonelgaz complex, Murad Ajal, received today, Wednesday, a delegation of the operating executives of the Libyan Electricity Company “Gycol”, headed by the General Manager of the company, Abdul Hamid Muhammad Al-Manfoukh, where the two parties discussed ways to revive cooperation relations between the two companies in several fields, according to him. statement to the assembly.

During the meeting, which took place at the level of the General Directorate of Sonelgaz, the two sides discussed ways to re-establish cooperation relations between Sonelgaz and Çekol, the same source added.

In this regard, Ajal expressed “the complex’s readiness to provide its services to the Libyan party in various fields of energy, especially with regard to the supply of electric power to the Libyan party, maintenance and operation of stations and electrical networks, maintenance of equipment and the manufacture of spare parts, as well as training and training.”

The General Directorate of Sonelgaz indicated that this meeting “comes to implement the directives of the country’s higher authorities and to strengthen the bilateral relations of the Sonelgaz complex.”

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