Collecting 12,000 documents containing live testimonies about the Algerian Liberation Revolution – Al-Hiwar

The sub-director in charge of historical research and follow-up of museum activities at the Ministry of Mujahideen and People with Rights, Khaira Maziti, revealed today, Sunday, that the ministry has collected 12,000 documents that include many live testimonies about various events related to the course of the great liberation revolution.

Khaira Mzeiti said on the second radio channel, “The Minister of Mujahideen has given instructions to continue collecting these testimonies in museums and to put them at the disposal of visitors to museums, including researchers, students and families.

Guest Mziti indicated that the process of modernizing documents related to the history of the revolution witnessed great progress and is now digitized to allow visitors and researchers to benefit from it, and stressed that the role of the Ministry today is no longer limited to providing services and grants to the Mujahideen and those with rights, but rather aims to protect the national memory and empower generations. The emerging view of the history of Algeria through the ages.

On the other hand, Maziti revealed that the Ministry of Mujahideen and People with Rights has prepared a rich program to commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the events of the December 11, 1960 demonstrations in various states of the country, which includes many cultural demonstrations, scientific forums and sports courses, in addition to honoring many historical symbols.

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