Colonel Farouk Ashour: We made the same efforts and followed the same approach to save victims in Syria – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

In his talk about the atmosphere that distinguished the two countries, Colonel Farouk Ashour, Director of Media of the Civil Protection, adds, where he said, after the arrival of the Civil Protection team to the spot, especially at the level of Turkey, where the Algerian protection team was the first rescue team to arrive at Gaziantep Airport, where we were directed to the city of Adiyaman At the time, the rescue operation began, due to the urgent need, and at first sight we noticed the images of the destruction caused by the magnitude of the earthquake, which had a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale, and all the structures collapsed, and another one was about to collapse. After that, our team organized a technical meeting with the city officials, where it was handed over to us. The map of the city, where half of the latter was placed at the disposal of the Algerian operational plan.
What caught our attention was the insistence of the people in the area who were asking us to rescue their loved ones under the rubble, adds the Sub-Director of Statistics and Information at the General Directorate of Civil Protection, Colonel Ashour Farouk, but as he said they were committed to the plan that was given to them by the authorities of that city, the first operation we carried out was to save a child As a result of the spread of this news in the midst of the region, the demand increased for us to go to all regions, and based on the operational plan of the Algerian Civil Protection, the same spokesman adds that we are obligated to work 24/24.

We made the same efforts and followed the same approach to saving victims in Syria
The same atmosphere, work, dedication and great efforts made by the Civil Protection Team, which went to Syria to save the lives and recover the bodies of the victims from under the rescue in northern Syria, where the Civil Protection Team followed the same plan that it adopted in Turkey, where the Civil Protection personnel did a tremendous job, as the same official confirmed In the General Directorate of Civil Protection, its elements are accustomed to working in the same manner and methodology in all areas that are placed at its disposal at the national and international levels. Their ultimate goal, he said, is to reach the rescue of a possible number of people alive, and that they use time as a basic factor due to its importance in these circumstances. They also encountered very difficult humanitarian situations, but they were able to deal with them, indicating that the operation was carried out according to the plan that was approved, similar to the Amalati Organization Center, which carries out the process of coordinating between the teams that were distributed in different places through the means of communication between them, and also from to provide them with support.

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