Confessions of a murderer of the Kurds in Paris…I want to do this with all immigrants – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Today, Sunday, the French Public Prosecutor revealed the confessions of the murderer of three Kurds in the capital, Paris, who confessed during investigations to his crime in full.

According to what was reported by the local media, the perpetrator of the attack against the victims said during the investigations that he “intended to kill them, and he wanted to do the same with immigrants in general, and with the Kurds in particular, since they were unable to stop the terrorist group ISIS.”

This attack led to the outbreak of violence between the French police and the Kurdish immigrants, which developed into acts of vandalism, according to the same source, and the French police forces fired tear gas at the protesters in Paris, in an attempt to disperse them.

The defendant in the murder case, who is 69 years old, said that he did so because he was a racist, and he was arrested and arrested with a small bag containing two or three magazines full of cartridges, and a 45-caliber cartridge case containing at least 25 cartridges.

In a related context, French President Emmanuel Macron said in a tweet through his official account on the social networking site Twitter: The Kurds of France were targeted by a heinous attack, after a gunman killed three people earlier today in a Kurdish community center in central Paris.

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