Consumer protection criticizes the promotion of car prices before determining their cost

The head of the Algerian Organization for Consumer Protection, Mustapha Zubdi, criticized the haste of some car dealerships in promoting the prices of vehicles to be imported before determining their cost.

Mustafa Zubdi, in a post on his official page on the social networking site, considered that the statements related to the vehicle price list are an increase in the ceiling of expected prices, and that it may turn in the future into a horizontal agreement between agents, punishable by the competition law.

Zubdi said that although he shared some opinions with potential car agents, he rejects what is being circulated regarding vehicle prices before determining their cost, which is the criterion that is supposed to be used in the sale price of vehicles, according to a previous statement by the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zagdar. In the context, Mustafa Zubdi called on the potential agents, and those who have begun to deposit their accreditation applications, to negotiate with the guardianship ministry to try to reduce the burdens and expenses as permitted by the law, and pledged to support the organization for them in the interest of the consumer, but without trying to prejudice the principle of competition and influence the rest. proxies.

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