Director of the “Bano Algeria” factory: We aspire to employ 300 workers directly and more than 4,000 indirectly in the year 2023 – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Mohamed Shihab Kalai, general manager of the “Bano Algeria” wood company in the state of El Tarf, confirmed his endeavor to provide a large number of job positions at the Bano factory in the year 2023, saying in his statements to the interview: “We aspire to reach the employment of 300 workers next year directly and more than 4,000 workers indirectly.” .

Qalai indicated, during an inspection visit by the governor of El Tarf state, to the “Bano Algeria” company, today, Sunday, that this factory employs more than 220 employees across various units and various specializations.

He added that the engineers were under specialized foreign hands under the auspices of the company to enable them to operate the various German machines used in the factory, which is 100% Algerian operated.

Qalai continued, saying, “Our wood products have entered the markets of 58 states across the country, and we meet all the needs of the national market, and we are heading for export during the year 2023,” stressing that the factory’s products conform to international standards and are of high quality.

As for the raw material, he explained – the same speaker – that the “Bano Algeria” company will invest in planting large areas of trees to settle the type imported from America, which is considered a raw material in production.

While the governor of the state of El Tarf, Harfoush bin Arar, praised the “Bano Algeria” factory during an inspection visit that he led today to inspect the factory and stand on its status and progress, saying, “This factory is a source of pride for the state of El Tarf and for Algeria, and it will contribute to the employment of unemployed youth in the state.”

The “Bano Algeria” factory, which specializes in converting “MDF” wood, is the largest of its kind at the national and Arab levels, and the second in Africa.

Al-Tarif / Bilal bin Qaita

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