Draghi: I have no problem with Belmadi, but he bears the responsibility for exclusion – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Journalist Hafeez Darraji said that he has no problem with Belmadi as a person or as a coach for the national team. Tomorrow Belmadi will remain the bravest of the national team forever.

Draghi added during the dialogue forum: I challenge those who say that Belamadi does not bear part of the responsibility for the exclusion, why did I not say it at the time, I think that time was needed to heal the wounds.

Everyone remembers how the exclusion from the Qatar World Cup was. The coach, the players and the media are all responsible for this exclusion. We must get out of reverence for people. We needed to heal the wounds, but I was saddened by the image of Balmadi’s fall after the match. His failure does not mean that he is bad. Being weak does not mean failure. .

Draghi said: Belmadi fell crying after the end of the Cameroon match, and he was supposed to console the players. Stability at the federation level is good, but for a project and not for the sake of people’s eyes.

Draghi added: I have never said that Belamadi does not deserve to coach the national team. When you say negative things about Hafeez and I answered a question, God willing, this file will be closed and I have no background on the answer.

Stability in the elected is important, but for the sake of better results, and the union is the one who decides, and I am against the interference of the authority in appointing federal officials.

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