Driss Rabah, Operations Coordinator of the Algerian Red Crescent, tells stories about the Algerian team’s intervention in Syria – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Idriss Rabah, Operations Coordinator of the Algerian Red Crescent in Syria and Turkey, confirmed that the Algerian Red Crescent’s operations during the earthquake in Syria and Turkey were 100 percent successful.

Rabah added during the dialogue forum that after President Tebboune ordered to dispatch aid to the two afflicted countries, the team had a meeting with Dr. Ibtisam Hamalawi, and operations were coordinated in a short time, and the Algerian Red Crescent had experience in such operations.

Rabah added that the coordination with the Syrian Red Crescent facilitated the operations of the Algerian team, and during the arrival, the Algerian team was divided into 5 teams operating 24 hours a day, and the operations enabled the rescue of a number of Syrian brothers, and the interventions of the Algerian doctors enabled identifying the bodies of the dead because the situation is in Syria It was an indescribable lack of potential.

Rabah said that the teams in Syria were humanitarian interventions that took place in a fraternal atmosphere with the Syrian Red Crescent and the citizens who were greatly affected by the Algerian Red Crescent’s enlistment of assistance.

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