Eric Zemour: “Nael is not an angel, and France should expel Arabs and immigrants.” Algerian Dialogue

Against the background of the recent protests that followed the killing of the child, Nael, French politician Eric Zemour stated the need to expel the last immigrants in France, especially Africans and Arabs.

During his intervention on Europe’s radio waves, the extremist politician stated that if he were in the current power, he would “work to stop immigration to France once and for all, and prohibit the families of immigrants until Europe becomes free of them.”

Commenting on the killing of the young man, Nael, at the hands of a French officer, Zamour stated, “Nael is not an angel. He also revealed that the increasing number of immigrants made the French police lose control over them and the crises they cause in the country. He also called for fierce repression against those responsible for the recent violence.

Eric Zemour concluded his intervention by saying: “Stop receiving African and Arab immigrants so that we can avoid what is happening today.”
It is noteworthy that Eric Zemour is a far-right journalist, and he is known for his hostility to Muslims, as well as his “provocative” statements against everything that is Arab and Algerian.

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