Experts and researchers: July 5th is a symbol of victories and gains – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Today, Tuesday, experts and researchers highlighted the importance of the celebrations of the 61st anniversary of the Independence and Youth Days, and considered that the fifth of July is a symbol of victories and continuous gains in a new era that Algeria is living in under security, stability, and economic, political and social recovery.
In a symposium organized by the first radio channel at the Issa Massoudi Club, the security and strategic expert, Dr. Ahmed Mizab said that the most important message of the 5th of July commemoration is that the restoration of national sovereignty did not come from nowhere, stressing that the Algerian people have the right to celebrate on every occasion their victories that came after great sacrifices and struggles at all levels against a destructive French colonizer who aimed to destroy and erase anything that indicates On the history of Algeria.
For his part, the researcher at the National Institute for Comprehensive Strategic Studies, Dr. Ahmed Kateb, that the Algerian people over the course of 132 years were oppressed by a colonial colonial power, but today, with the blessing of independence, there is the rule of law through which a simple citizen can sue any official, provided that evidence and arguments are available.
Professor Alaa Al-Ayeb, a professor of public law, revealed that the principle of separation of powers in Algeria has been strengthened, which is evident on the ground through what happened after the constitutional amendment in 2020, and what it brought about defining the mandates starting from the presidency to the rest of the elected at the local and national levels, in order to perpetuate Positive circulation on the exercise of powers and authorities.

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