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Trade unionist Masoud Amrawi said that the draft basic law for common wires for workers in the education sector carries positive measures related to valuing professional experience and academic certificates.

Amrawi said in a post, today, Thursday, on his official page on the social networking site, that “it seems that there is a new philosophy adopted by the General Directorate of Public Service and the Ministry of National Education in response to the struggles of the sector unions, especially the National Federation of Education and Training Workers “Anfaf”, which fought a lot for a file Ranks on the verge of disappearance and academic certificates, adding that the authorities took a lesson from the bitter experience pursued in the previous special law for national education employees 240/12, which was the main cause of all the hotbeds of tension in the sector, due to the imbalances it contained, which some educational wires remained to this day.

Masoud Amrawi emphasized two positive points in the new draft law, as the professional experience was valued, given that it is never reasonable to classify the person with experience who has spent his life in the sector in ranks called “perishable”, and he fulfilled all employment conditions at that time, adding that This designation, which caused severe psychological damage to its owners and discouraged their resolve, prompted many of them to retire at the age of giving, all of them heartbreak and pain, which made the sector witness an unprecedented severe bleeding in the history of Algeria, and caused a shock in the Algerian school, and the time has come to lift this Injustice and injustice to her, and classify them as befitting her experience.

Masoud Amrawi referred to the second point that came in the draft text of the basic law for the joint wires of the education sector, valuing the academic certificates obtained and recognizing them, whether they were before or after employment, describing it as a “very positive point” that is considered an encouragement to educational attainment, as the education sector was deprived of it under the pretext Not included in the private law.

Based on the new data, the young graduates from the university will value their certificates in this law and will find themselves included in the classifications approved by the inferential network for employee wages and salary improvement 304/07, regardless of their professional experience, this experience that they will benefit from for promotion as well. And the saying, “Your degree was obtained before employment,” expressing his hope for a review of this network, which has not been modified since 2007, as well as a review of compensatory systems for employees and workers to improve their social conditions and ensure a decent life.

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