Fayed supervises the installation of the members of the National Taxation Council – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The Minister of Finance, Aziz Fayed, supervised the installation of the members of the National Taxation Council after freezing its activities for several years, which aims to strengthen the tax system and improve collection management.
Fayed stressed, during the installation ceremony that took place at the Ministry of Finance’s headquarters, in the presence of the sector’s executives, today, Monday, that the appointment of the members of this advisory body, consisting of 41 members, representatives of ministerial departments related to the activity of the financial and tax sector, and representatives of associations, unions, professional organizations, economic bodies and university experts, came according to “For the program of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, which aims to empower Algeria with strong and sustainable institutions that work to build a strong and prosperous economy.”

The minister considered the reactivation and renewal of the composition of the Council after freezing its activities for several years, “another building block to support the path of reform and modernization of public finances, and a platform for intellectual exchange and the presentation of professional visions aimed at achieving the goals of economic development and enhancing fiscal efficiency,” stressing his keenness for the Council to have “independence and credibility” in Exercising his duties and making his decisions.

This council undertakes the task of evaluating the tax system, proposing and expressing opinions on its procedures and measures, strengthening the relationship of the tax administration with its social partners and involving them in research and development of the tax system, as well as improving the business climate and enhancing the credibility of state institutions, by providing a fair and stable environment that guarantees an effective distribution and use of financial resources. adds the Minister of Finance.

In addition to being an active body active in the field of research, study and analysis, the Council will work – according to Fayed – to “publish, on a regular basis, the outcome of its work, which is crowned with recommendations and proposals aimed at improving and strengthening the level of mobilization of the country’s financial resources, on the basis of which strategic decisions will be taken by officials.” sector.”

In the awareness aspect, the same advisory mechanism will work to “educate and educate citizens about the importance of tax collection by organizing awareness and educational campaigns to clarify the importance of taxes in financing public services and achieving sustainable development.”

Fayed confirmed that his ministerial department, through the General Directorate of Taxes, has embarked on the completion of a large-scale modernization program aimed at restructuring the various departments, through the creation of modern bodies, as well as simplifying their administrative procedures and improving the quality of service provided, especially those related to remote services.

Accordingly, the public authorities are working “to provide greater transparency in the management of public funds, by making the tax system more fair and equitable, and strengthening mechanisms to combat tax fraud and evasion, as well as supporting investment and accompanying economic institutions,” according to Fayed.

For her part, the Director General of Taxes, Amal Abdel Latif, stated that the establishment of this National Council for Taxation is one of the outputs of the national sessions on tax reform that were held in the summer of 2020, as it aims to discuss all the problems raised in the tax system in order to create a suitable climate for business and restore credibility. various state bodies.

It is worth noting that the Council’s chairman and deputy will be elected from among its members, whose number increased from 21 members in the previous formation to 41 in the current formation.

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