Gas deaths rose to 54 in just one month – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryya

The Civil Protection services announced, today, Monday, that the death toll from carbon monoxide gas emitted from heating appliances and water heaters has risen since the beginning of January until today, after two deaths were recorded in the governorate of Constantine.

A statement by the Civil Protection interests stated that the first aid of the Directorate of Civil Protection in Constantine intervened this morning, at 09:15 a.m., in the neighborhood of 900, the residence of the brothers, Sabika, the municipality of El-Kharroub, Constantine state, after recording two deaths from gas suffocation, as the two victims were transferred to the mortuary department of the local hospital, thus increasing the number of victims. The number of deaths since January 1 until today has reached 54 deaths.

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, had instructed the government with directives to besiege the silent killer and protect Algerians from the dangers of carbon monoxide emissions, given the frequent use of heating devices due to the weather and the cold wave that strikes a number of states of the country. A presentation was made during the last meeting. The Council of Ministers on practical measures to reduce the phenomenon of suffocation with burning gases (carbon monoxide) inside homes, during which the President ordered, and in order to preserve the lives of our citizens, to assign Sonelgaz Company to provide citizens’ homes free of charge with warning devices (audio and visual) against carbon monoxide gas leaks, as ordered The President is to compulsorily include the book of conditions for building residential projects under construction and in all its forms, this type of regulation.

On the other hand, intensive awareness campaigns are organized for the interests of civil protection in order to educate citizens about the need to monitor heating devices and to ensure that homes are ventilated.

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