Gojil: What we have experienced in 3 years is a real movement, and the remnants of colonialism are still present – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Saleh Goujil, considered that what Algeria has experienced during the past 3 and a half years is a “historic stage and a real movement.”

In his speech today, Thursday, during a public session in the National Assembly to approve the retirement law and the list of official holidays, the Speaker of the National Assembly referred to the promises and commitments of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, which touched all fields, and said, “Algerians see themselves in President Tebboune, and his visit to Russia was a source of pride for us.” He affirmed that Algeria’s word on the international scene is raised, which many people do not like, according to the effects of colonialism and its remnants that still exist. Gojel inferred the comments that accompanied the reinsertion of a section of the national anthem “an oath” by presidential decree, and he said, “We saw the reaction of the old, new, or renewed French colonialism, and many do not understand that we distinguish between the French people and the French colonialism, which is unlike any other colonialism, because it was an extermination colonization.” . The source emphasized that “colonialism is colonialism, and our history is our history. We are the ones writing it, and we know best what colonialism is.”

Saleh Goujil said that “we have to take a stand to see where we were and where we have become,” and he cited what has been achieved in terms of social justice, considering that “what we have experienced is a real movement” and that Algeria would not have achieved what it has achieved to confirm the concept of the social state if it had been under the command of a fund International Monetary due to indebtedness.

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