Hafeez Darraji: The dream of the World Cup in Qatar lasted 12 years – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Sports journalist Hafeez Darraji said life is a position and a journalist has duties with society, and there are facts that we know and others that we do not know.

Draghi added during the dialogue forum that the World Cup in Qatar is a major event, and my testimony may be hurt, but conveying people’s impressions believes that the organization was very excellent with distinguished Arab and African participation.

Draghi said that the origin of the story lasted 12 years, that there were skeptics about the ability of Qatar, the small Arab country, to organize this great global event, where did Western and American campaigns begin to break the dream, Qatar owned half of the “Khalifa Stadium”, and a full year before the event it was There are 7 international stadiums and a solid and distinguished infrastructure.

Draghi added: The genius who thought, masterminded and planned to host the World Cup in Qatar must raise the hat to him, because he is an example to others. The Qataris attracted the elite in the mid-nineties through Al-Jazeera channel. Outstanding infrastructure in many areas.

We were part of this system that resisted, was patient and worked in all fields. Before the start of the World Cup, they tried to influence the morale of the Qataris to obstruct the global event. The Qataris cared about the details and the universals. Whoever thought of Messi wearing the traditional Qatari dress must raise his hat.

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