“Hamas” condemns the statement of the French Foreign Minister regarding the national anthem – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The Movement for Society for Peace (Hamas) denounced the statement of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding the national anthem.

A statement by the movement said: The Movement for Society for Peace followed with great concern the statement of the French Foreign Minister regarding describing the national anthem in a provocative manner, based on historical backgrounds with false data.

This behavior, which is contrary to the rules of diplomacy, and which recalls the previous statements issued by the French President in October 2021 that are consistent with the hostile context, also evokes the close media confusion in various Parisian circles, which accompanied this statement.

This recurring recurrence cannot be considered among isolated situations or transient events, and therefore, the desire to undermine the sovereignty of Algeria as a country that has its symbols, and as a people who have claimed their freedom with great sacrifices and steel will that forced the nose of the circles of global arrogance, cannot be denied.

The movement deplores these irresponsible statements, stemming from the behavior of passion and extortion, and considers this a violation of diplomatic rules in a way that deepens the state of tension, and challenges diplomatic traditions and mutual respect.

These mental practices are linked to the complex of rejected colonial behavior.

Algeria will remain united with all its components, rejecting practices of provocation and extortion, out of pride in the historical symbols of national sovereignty and the elements of national independence.

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