Hamza Boughazi: Algeria enjoys financial comfort that qualifies it to devote reforms – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Economic expert Hamza Boghazi stressed today, Monday, that Algeria is in the best corridor for economic positioning in 2023.

In press statements, Boghazi highlighted that Algeria enjoys financial comfort that qualifies it to devote reforms in 2023, especially with the recovery from the remnants of the Corona epidemic, and the success achieved in terms of economic transition.

Boghazi returned to focus on Algeria’s ability to emerge strategically. By virtue of its possession of huge reserves of gas and renewable energies.

And he continued, “Algeria must move quickly economically and bring more financially to achieve take-off, in addition to restoring its position in Africa and consolidating the Arab dimension, to restore its glory in the days when it was a historical power in the Mediterranean.”

The first guest added, “Joining BRICS will enable an important shift,” envisioning the necessity of hiring 300,000 university graduates annually, especially with Algeria having a diversity of human resources.

On the other hand, he appreciated the simplification of the entry of foreigners, and considered this step as an indicator that would facilitate the acceleration of the growth of the tourism system, noting that the mechanical industry imposes openness, noting the importance of technological transition.

Boghazi suggested bringing in complete factories, in a way that would turn Algeria into a pole in Africa. He also called for cautiously expanding the tax base and improving public service, while working to accelerate the digitization and modernization of all sectors, in addition to urging the private sector to keep pace with state reforms.

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