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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has launched the process of digitizing the management of grain stores across the entire national territory, with the aim of obtaining an “accurate view” of the development of stocks, said Thursday in Algiers, Minister of the Sector Mohamed Abdelhafid Heni.

“The sector has embarked on the stage of digitizing all grain stores, whether those belonging to the Professional Bureau for Grains or those belonging to private producers,” Hani said in a public session devoted to oral questions in the National Assembly, chaired by Saleh Qojil, Speaker of the Parliament, in the presence of the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Basma Azwar.

The process will allow “the ministry to have, by 2023, an accurate and comprehensive view of the quantities of grain stored, and the quantities supplied to the national market,” according to the minister’s answer to a question by council member Abd al-Rahman Mashouba (National Democratic Assembly) related to increasing the number of wheat mills in the state of Djelfa.

Mr. Hani added that controlling the data related to warehouses, especially through this process, will enable later to reconsider the distribution of mills among the states of the country, in order to better cover the needs of each state.

The number of mills at the national level is 432, according to figures provided by the minister.

In response to a question by a member of the National Assembly, Abdelkader Chenini (presidential third) regarding the measures taken to promote grain cultivation and achieve food security, Mr. Hani confirmed that the agricultural area allocated for grain production amounted to 2.6 million hectares this year, representing 31 percent of the total exploited agricultural land.

Among the measures that are being implemented to achieve food security in the medium term, the minister referred in particular to raising the purchase price of grain, reviewing and raising compensation for fertilizer purchases from 20 to 50 percent of the price, strengthening mechanization, and facilitating the issuance of licenses for drilling wells at the state level. Where 6,500 wells have been drilled since the beginning of the operation, which is taking place in coordination with the Ministry of Public Works, Irrigation and Basic Facilities.

In addition, the establishment of a seed bank and the determination of the locations of production capacities for agricultural investors using drones and satellites, where the monitoring process has been initiated for strategic crops, mainly grains and dry legumes, using these modern technologies under the supervision of the National Office for Special Studies for Rural Development. In coordination with the Ministry of Interior, local communities and urban planning.

The procedures also include obligating producers to pay crops to the National Grain Professional Office, working to increase the areas allocated for grains to 1 million hectares in the states of the Great South in the horizons of 2025-2030, as the first part was distributed with 134 thousand hectares last year, while work is underway to distribute 97 thousand Another hectare “in the next few days.”

During the 2021/2022 season, the Grain Division recorded an increase in production by 48 percent compared to the previous season, thanks to the favorable climatic conditions and respect for the technical course.

Regarding a question by a member of the Council of the Nation, Belkacem Bari (National Liberation Front Party) about the situation of agricultural areas and enabling youth to make optimal use of these areas in the Wilayat of Awlad Jalal, Mr. Exploitation due to its lack of basic facilities, except for those surrounding the municipality of Ras al-Maad.

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