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Mohamed Abdel Hafeez Hani, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, chaired last Thursday, at the ministry’s headquarters, a meeting that brought together the various economic dealers and importers of live cows, for the purpose of organizing the division, in the presence of executives from the ministry. The meeting, which took place in the presence of twenty-two (22) dealers in importing pregnant cows intended for breeding, falls within the framework of the government’s action plan and the sector’s road paper, which aims to increase the production of fresh milk and give a new dynamic to the local production of red meat. This is an important and long-term program that definitely aims to reduce imports of milk powder and increase the national production of red meat.

The Minister started the meeting with a directive speech in which he highlighted all the measures taken by the public authorities that enabled the development of all agricultural sectors, raising the quantity and value of the national product and broad coverage of national needs. The importance of this division was also discussed, and the need to work on reconsidering its organization and framework. For their part, all customers expressed their full involvement in this program and their appreciation for all measures taken by the state in the framework of support and accompaniment.

In view of the division’s overlap, which simultaneously affects the production of meat and milk, a number of decisions were taken regarding the establishment of a joint professional council for cattle breeding during the first quarter of 2023, in contrast to the joint professional council for red meat; Mandatory identification of all imported herds starting from the date of January 02, 2023, with the support of the National Center for Artificial Insemination and Genetic Improvement “CNIAAG” and the Joint National Professional Office for Milk “ONIL”, which will ensure the development of a tracking system and the digitization of all cows destined for breeding; Ensuring the stability of fodder prices, especially with regard to bran, whose maximum price has been set as a result of subsidized “soft and hard” wheat; Also, during the session, the book of conditions was reviewed directly to simplify administrative procedures, with a focus on health control. It was unanimously reminded of the strictness of the health control system in force at the border level and at all crossing points. As it is not possible in any case to enter any sick animal at the level of isolation centers managed by the veterinary services. In the event of confirmation of injuries, all organizational measures are taken to protect the national herd of animals. Any contrary statement in this regard remains unfounded and only its owner is charged.

Finally, the attendees unanimously emphasized the importance of the measures taken, appreciating them, given their effective role in developing the milk and red meat divisions. It was also agreed to hold another meeting during the month of January 2023 to embody and follow up all the agreed decisions and procedures.

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