Hani: The price of red meat will drop to around 1,200 dinars, starting from January.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mohamed Abdel Hafeez Hani said, on the sidelines of the activities of the International Exhibition of Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Equipment, that calves will be fattened in order to provide red meat, and that his ministerial circle is in contact with the Algerian public national company for red meat, “Aviar”, affiliated with the agricultural sector, and that its director The Foundation’s staff is preparing themselves to intensify the Foundation’s activity, in order to reduce meat prices, indicating that the price increase has no justification, because the prices of animal feed, especially those related to livestock feeding, have known stability in the year 2022 – at the national and global levels.

In addition to this, Minister Hani adds that the production capabilities are available, pointing out that Algeria has entered the stage of checking the number of livestock heads, by counting the number of loyalists, as well as the size of livestock such as cows, sheep, and goats, as well as covering the importance at the level of agriculture in the mountains, desert and steppe,

And that the process was subjected, according to Minister Hani, to digitization, indicating that this census process will end on December 25, and that statistics at the national level will be on his desk on December 31.

And that the goal of this census process adds the Minister of Agriculture, Mohamed Abdel Hafeez Hani, so that she can know the size of the livestock available to Algeria, and also so that the support of the Algerian woman goes to the true loyalists, and that the goal of all this organization is to eliminate the mediators and everyone who had a hand Rising red meat prices.
In order to create a balance at the level of the Algerian market, Minister Hani Sim said in January 2023, there will be field measures and this new regulation will be implemented and a series of interventionists in the red meat process will be terminated. red meat production
This, and the Minister of Agriculture, Mohamed Abdel Hafeez Hani, explained to those charged with the issue of distributing and selling red meat, that the issue will be adopted by a group of national companies such as “Aviar” “Onab” specialized in the production of white meat, and others, which have more than 150 points of sale across the country, which is the number Which Hani sees as insufficient, and that in the event of coordination with the Ministry of Commerce, there will be agreements on expanding the sale areas and setting specific prices, and it is possible to calculate that the price of a kilogram of red meat will be reduced to 1200 dinars, stressing that the national stock of vegetables and fruits has no fear. And that he is keen to meet the needs of the national consumer without hindrance, and that he will impose adequate control on private companies.

Nasira Saidali

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