In a visit announced by the Vatican at the invitation of the Muslim World League.. Al-Issa meets the Archbishop of Vienna in Riyadh – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Secretary-General of the Muslim World League and Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars, His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, received at the League’s sub-headquarters in Riyadh, His Eminence Cardinal Dr. Christoph Schönbrunn, Archbishop of Vienna, who arrived with his accompanying delegation to Riyadh, at the invitation of the Muslim World League.

This visit – which was announced by the Vatican – is of great importance. The guest of the Association, His Eminence Cardinal Schönbrunn, is considered one of the most prominent active religious leaders in the field of promoting friendship and cooperation between civilizations according to their human commonality.

His Excellency Dr. Al-Issa welcomed his Eminence as a guest of the League, then the two sides discussed a number of issues of common concern, especially efforts to build bridges between nations and peoples, and the importance of effective cooperation and communication between religious leaders in facing the ideas and calls of civilizational clash.

The meeting discussed the Makkah Document and its prominent global impact on relations between religions and cultures, and its active role in addressing the most prominent international crises.

The Cardinal praised the document’s achievements at the global level, especially its contents that carried positive messages for future generations, as it devoted – in its contents – talk about youth and their empowerment.
Cardinal Schönbrunn expressed his great interest in the work of the League and its international initiatives, stressing his aspiration for future work together.

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