In numbers… Officials reveal the statistics of AIDS patients for the year 2022 – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The person in charge of the national program to combat AIDS, Mohand Hakim, confirmed that the numbers and statistics related to AIDS disease at the level of Algeria are in a state of stability and stability when compared to previous years, as he said that the new cases are about 1700 cases as a whole year.

The same official added that the total number of patients since the beginning of AIDS in the eighties until June 2022 is 17,250 cases.

And among the main axes of the national program to combat AIDS, which comes on top of it is the “diagnostic process”, that is, the individual’s approach to diagnosis in order to reveal the state of health, so that this process is one of the most important steps that the program seeks to enhance by encouraging people, urging them and educating them on the necessity of diagnosis

And it also comes among the most important axes that the National Program for AIDS Control cares about and places it at the top of the priorities – says the same speaker – is ending the transmission of the disease from mother to child, so that the program aims in this regard to reach the stage of reducing the number of children cases to zero, and he must urge In charge of pregnant women, the need to go to the diagnosis of this disease, stressing the availability of treatment centers across the entire national territory

While the Director General of Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases at the Ministry of Health, Salima Hammadi, said that the number of people infected with AIDS in Algeria in the year 2022, until June 30, has reached 837 cases, and it is expected that 1,700 cases will be recorded by the end of the year, like last year.

Hammadi referred to the groups that are most affected today, and they are the youth groups, in contrast to the past, where the average age group that was exposed to AIDS ranged – she says – between 24 to 49 years, but now it is younger.

She also affirmed their efforts to expand the centers of care for AIDS patients, pointing to the availability of 16 centers in Algeria, through which medicines for AIDS are received, in addition to 65 centers for diagnosis.

And she explained in the context that the medicines are free despite their high cost, which Algeria pays, but in return – she says – unfortunately

People refrain from diagnosing

Accordingly, the same official stressed the need to raise the challenge and increase efforts in cooperation with the media and civil society to spread awareness and urge people to diagnose and achieve the slogan of equality and end marginalization of this group so that we can eradicate AIDS.

For his part, he revealed to the United Nations Resident Coordinator that about 40 people in the world suffer from this virus, according to the statistics of the United Nations Organization to Combat AIDS.

While the year 2021 witnessed – he says – a decrease in the incidence of this disease, as it decreased by 3 percent compared to previous years for many reasons, including – he adds – the emergence of the Covid 19 virus.

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