In pictures.. A media visit to the High School of Special Forces – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Today, Thursday, a visit was organized for representatives of the national media to the Higher School of Special Forces, Martyr Mustafa Khoja, called “Si Ali” in Biskra, in order to see the tasks assigned to this institution of the 4th Military Region.

At the beginning of this visit, the head of the school, Brigadier General, Brahim Kawasmieh, delivered a speech in which he affirmed that this demonstration, which falls within the framework of the communication plan of the People’s National Army, aims to introduce the role, tasks and level of training in the Special Forces Corps, to build bridges of communication between citizens and their military institution, and to strengthen the association (Army -his mom).

In this regard, the representatives of the media followed a tape dealing with the stages that this institution went through and the level of theoretical and practical sponsorship of the trainees and members of the special training courses for officers and non-commissioned officers under the supervision of highly qualified personnel to implement the basic and specialized training program.

The attendees listened to detailed explanations given by the school executives about the structures and facilities that are available on it and distributed on the educational aspects, equipment, weapons and special equipment used by military personnel in carrying out field interventions and mastering the use of advanced scientific techniques in tactics and topography.

The media professionals had the opportunity to get acquainted with modern equipment and the level of development of equipment and the military industry, especially those used by members of the special forces such as weapons and vehicles such as the Algerian-made Fox 2 combat vehicle. .

The High School of Special Forces in Biskra prepares and prepares the executives, including officers and non-commissioned officers physically and militarily, through special training to carry out the tasks entrusted to it, as well as providing operating units with batches with high qualifications that enable them to perform tasks in all circumstances.

The media visitors of the institution also examined the pedagogical and educational facilities that were harnessed for the military trainees in all stages of formation of the members of the Special Forces, especially with regard to how to live with various field conditions, in addition to the recreational and sports spaces available to the school.

At the end of the visit, a tactical exercise was conducted for a platoon of Special Forces personnel simulating a field intervention in which all military techniques were used, in addition to following up on several demonstrations of martial arts and physical skills, and a demonstration exercise for paragliding, which was implemented by members of this weapon.

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