In pictures.. a roadmap for the completion of the works of the Douira stadium next year – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Today, Tuesday, the Minister of Housing, Urbanization and the City, Mohamed Tariq Belaribi, moved to the Doueira stadium, where he examined the progress of the pace of completion at the level of the stadium. This is in preparation for a technical meeting that brings together all the actors in the project, and this will be at the Ministry’s headquarters on Thursday.

The meeting included the Director General of Public Equipment, the Director of Public Equipment for the wilaya of Algiers, the project manager at the level of the Douira stadium, the achievement institutions, the contracting institutions, and the studies office.

The meeting would assess the performance and level of works for the year 2022 and set a road map for completing the works of the Doira stadium next year.

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