In pictures.. Arkab and Kroug meet to study the facilities and infrastructure projects for the Integrated Phosphate and Iron Mine projects in Ghar Jbeilat – Al Hewar Al Jazairiya

The Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, accompanied by the Minister of Public Works, Irrigation and Basic Facilities, Lakhdar Rakhroukh, chaired, today, Saturday, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, a coordination meeting between the two sectors, on projects of facilities and infrastructure related to the integrated phosphate project in Bilad El Hadba (Wilaya of Tebessa), And the project to exploit the iron mine of Ghar Jbeilat in the state of Tindouf.

The meeting took place in the presence of the President, Director General of the Algeria Mines Complex, the President, Director General of the “Asmedal” complex, the President, Director General of the National Iron and Steel Corporation “Feral”, and the Director General of the National Agency for Studies and Follow-up of Investments in Railways, as well as in the presence of executives from the two ministries.

During this meeting, a presentation was made about the Integrated Phosphate Project (PPI), which is considered the first integrated project in Algeria in the field of mining exploitation and fertilizer production, which will include the development and exploitation of the phosphate mine in Bilad al-Hadba in the Jebel El Anak region in the wilaya of Tebessa, and the chemical conversion of phosphate in Wadi Al-Kabir in the state of Souk Ahras, in addition to the dedicated port facilities located in the port of Annaba, where discussions focused on rail transport files, their rehabilitation and development, as well as the supply of necessary water and others.

A presentation was also made about the infrastructure projects related to the project to exploit the iron mine of Ghar Jbeilat, in the wilaya of Tindouf, especially with regard to the industrial base that will be established at the level of the wilaya of Bechar, which will undertake the process of processing and converting the raw iron extracted from Ghar Jbeilat into semi-finished materials, as well as the method Transferring it through the completion of the project of extending the railway line linking the Ghar Jbeilat mine in the wilaya of Tindouf and the wilaya of Bechar, and the various investment stages that this strategic project will go through and its requirements of infrastructure and the provision of water were also discussed.

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