In pictures.. Arkab supervises the receiving ceremony of the first locally manufactured steel tugboat for the Sonatrach complex.

The Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, supervised, on Saturday, in Bou Haroun (province of Tipaza), accompanied by the Minister of Industry and the Minister of Transport, and in the presence of the President and General Manager of the Sonatrach complex, the ceremony of receiving the first locally manufactured marine tug by the Algerian Establishment for the Construction and Repair of Fishing Boats ( Ecorap), affiliated to the General Complex of Mechanical Industries (AGM), at the level of the marine workshop Ecorap in Bouharoun (Tipaza), for the management and exploitation of the terminals of the fuel ports STH, a branch of the Sonatrach complex, which specializes in the operation, management and development of marine fuel stations, and also contributes to the empowerment of the Algerian oil ports To respond to the requirements of Sonatrach, especially with regard to increasing its capacity in the export of hydrocarbons, and to ensure that ships are loaded in the best conditions of safety, cost and environmental protection.

On this occasion, the Minister of Energy and Mines confirmed that this process falls within the policy of the Sonatrach group related to the promotion of local content and national integration, as well as within the framework of the new policy of the group to strengthen the national production tool by supporting and encouraging national institutions, small and medium enterprises, as well as innovative and emerging companies, to participate in Developing the economic and industrial fabric of the country, as well as creating a dynamic for the development of local industries and encouraging Algerian institutions to localize the equipment and spare parts industry in line with the new economic directions of the government and contribute to supporting national integration.

A purchase contract was also signed between a company operating and exploiting the terminals of the fuel ports and Ikorap, in order to receive two locomotives for STH.

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