In pictures.. Boghali holds a second meeting to evaluate the inquiry missions of the Algerian Housing Committee – Al-Hiwar

Yesterday, Thursday, the President of the Council, Ibrahim Bogali, held a meeting at the Council’s headquarters with the Housing, Equipment, Irrigation and Urban Development Committee, devoted to presenting a presentation on the information missions that the Committee carried out to the states of Adrar, Ain Saleh and Borj Badji Mokhtar, during the period between 22 and 27 October 2022, in order to Standing on the progress of a number of projects related to the public works sector.

At the outset of the meeting, the head of the committee, Ammar Oulmi, presented a detailed report on the work and course of these information missions, which examined the status and progress of works related to the completion of the roads linking “Adrar” “Olf” “Ain Saleh” “Burj Badji Mokhtar” “Timyaween” to the border with Mali, to In addition to the rehabilitation of the runway of “Ain Saleh” airport.

️ During the presentation, the head of the committee revealed that the information missions concluded that imaginary sums were spent on roads and several projects that were not completed, due to companies and studies offices that breached their obligations until those projects were re-evaluated, which incurred significant financial losses for the public treasury for each project.

In his intervention, the President of the National People’s Assembly confirmed that mistakes are not allowed, especially with regard to the completion of a pivotal road, which is a priority for Algeria, and explained that the study of projects, if they were at the required level, perhaps it would have been possible to avoid spending those sums of money in vain.

As for the An Saleh Airport, the President stressed the need to give this project the utmost care, since this airport is the only outlet for the residents of the region, and added in this context that the lack of respect for the completion deadlines of “more than twelve” months doubled the suffering of the residents of this region, proposing to adopt On the second airport of Ain Salah, which is 35 km from the seat of the prefecture, until the completion of the works.

It is noteworthy that this meeting was attended by Vice-Presidents Ghali Nassari, Munther Boden and Allal Bouthlja, as well as a number of heads of permanent committees.

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