In pictures.. Boukhari Radia installed as a regional representative of the National Council for Human Rights in Ouargla – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Ashraf Abdel Majeed Zaalani, President of the National Council for Human Rights, this morning, Wednesday, the inauguration activities of the regional delegate of the National Council for Human Rights, Ouargla Bukhari Radia.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the governor of the state, Mustafa Agamir, and the president of the state popular assembly, members of the security and military committee, the public prosecutor at the Ouargla district council, a member of the Council of the Nation, the local delegate of the Mediator of the Republic, a member of the Supreme Youth Council, heads of departments and heads of municipalities, members of the executive body of the state, representatives of civil society. And associations, the media family.

In his speech during the inauguration ceremony that took place in the meeting hall at the state headquarters, the governor affirmed the Algerian state’s keenness to “protect the basic rights of all citizens and find mechanisms to protect them on the one hand, and to practice and promote them on the other hand,” adding that this matter “is taken care of by the National Council for Human Rights, which It makes it a better tool for activating a comprehensive approach to achieve these goals, in addition to the essential role played by the judiciary in this field,” as aspired by the President of the Republic.

The President of the National Council for Human Rights also indicated that the role of the Council in the field of ensuring the protection of human rights “is reflected in what was stipulated in the provisions of Article 212 of the Constitution, by assuming the task of monitoring, early warning and evaluation in the field of respect for human rights, and the Council studies all cases of violation of these rights that it examines or reports To his knowledge, he also receives complaints related to them, investigates them and reports the results to the concerned administrative authorities and, if necessary, to the competent judicial authorities. He also submits annual reports to the President of the Republic.

During their presence in the capital of the oases, Ouargla, they had a rich program, where the President of the National Council for Human Rights supervised the opening of an effective training course for civil society in the protection of human rights.

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