In pictures.. Hammadi receives the head of the Algerian Economic Renewal Council – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Yassine Hammadi, received, on Monday evening, at the ministry’s headquarters, the head of the Algerian Council for Economic Renewal, Kamal Mawla.

The meeting allowed for an exchange of visions on prospects for cooperation and ways of coordinating efforts to upgrade the tourism sector and handicraft industry. On the way, the minister reviewed the available opportunities and incentives available in the field of tourism investment, especially Al-Hamwi, stressing the need to involve employers and national and foreign investors, in light of the new challenges of the state aiming to upgrade the tourism sector. And make it one of the tributaries of the national economy.

After the talks, it was agreed to set up a joint committee that brings together the executives of the ministry and the Algerian Economic Renewal Council, tasked with developing a clear road map that would sensitize investors to the importance of entering the tourism sector and handicrafts in light of the enormous potentials that our country abounds with, while offering investment opportunities to national investors. foreigners and intensifying efforts to attract them.

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