In pictures.. Major General Sedan honors the graduation of batches at the Algerian Polytechnic Military School – Al-Hiwar

Today, Wednesday, Major General Ali Sidan, Commander of the First Military Region, supervised the graduation ceremony of the fiftieth batch (50) for engineering officers and the eighth batch (08) of supplementary training to obtain a master’s degree, at the level of the “Martyr Abd al-Rahman Talib” Polytechnic Military School in Burj al-Bahri in the First Military Region.

After inspecting the regular formations in the assembly yard, the commander of the Polytechnic Military School delivered a speech, in which he exposed the major axes of training and the scientific and military knowledge that the graduates received from qualified trainers and qualified professors, which will enable them to perform their noble tasks with determination and professionalism, calling on them to make maximum efforts To raise the challenges of modernization and technological development.

After taking the oath by the graduates, ranks were conferred and certificates handed over to the outstanding students. Then, Major General, Commander of the First Military Region, gave his approval to naming the graduating batches in the name of the martyr “Maqni Abdel Qader”.

The ceremony concluded with military performances, performed by the trainees and students of the school to the tunes of military music. The tight organization, precise coordination, complete harmony and impressive performance were evident. The most important scientific projects completed by the graduated engineers were presented, reflecting the quality of the prompted training and the control of advanced technologies. The graduation ceremony concluded by honoring the family of martyr.

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