In pictures.. The National People’s Assembly participates in honoring the late Saeed Chaiban – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Commissioned by the President of the National People’s Assembly, Ibrahim Bougali, the Vice-President of the National People’s Assembly, Rabih Belkhiri, attended today, Wednesday, the activities of the Memory Forum in honor of the Mujahid, former Minister of Religious Affairs Dr. Al-Saeed Chaiban, in gratitude for his contribution to the liberation revolution and his contribution to building state institutions after independence.

The activities of this honor were organized by the Mishaal Al-Shaheed Association in coordination with Al-Mujahid Newspaper. By the way, the journalist Bakhush Faisal presented a reading of the memoirs of the late Saeed Shaiban, which he was commissioned to write before his death, and which carried with it the path and struggle of the deceased during the liberation revolution and his honors, which he deserved as a professor, a doctor and a minister, as he combined the sincerity of the fighter, the insight of the world, so he served science and religion, the homeland and humanity The Arab and Islamic world in general, on the other hand, the participants in this forum, during the presentation of their testimonies, noted the qualities of the deceased, his high morals, and his scientific giving.

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