In pictures.. The opening of the 12th edition of the International Cultural Festival of Miniatures and Decorative Arts in Tlemcen – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Yesterday evening, Saturday, at the Andalusian Studies Center in Tlemcen, the 12th edition of the International Cultural Festival of Miniatures and Decorative Arts opened with the participation of artists from 9 countries, with a tribute to the late plastic artist Bachir Yelles, the icon of plastic art in Algeria, for his rich and rich creative path in the field of formation and also art of architecture.
On this occasion, several exhibitions were inaugurated for artists of decoration and miniaturists from various Algerian states, as well as from Turkey, Iran, India, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, the Sultanate of Oman and others, where the Wali of Tlemcen, Mr. Which was adorned with paintings of great aesthetic expression representing different schools of art, and in the presence of their artists.
The governor of Tlemcen said that this festival is like “a meeting place for this Islamic art, bringing together the most famous artists from countries excelling in this artistic specialty, so that we remember through this demonstration the Algerian plastic artist Bachir Yelis, who left our world last August, in honor of his long artistic career that he devoted to serving Art, Culture and Heritage in Algeria”.
For his part, the representative of the Minister of Culture and Arts, Samir Thaalbi, considered that “the Algerian school in decorative arts and miniatures has made strides of brilliance thanks to Mohamed Rasim, who is the great pioneer of modern Algerian plastic art and the art of miniatures in particular, and his influence is evident on Algerian artists who excelled in this art.” , adding that he “was able to show ingenuity in developing techniques and moving with this creativity from tradition to contemporary, benefiting from the European plastic experience while preserving the Algerian identity.”
Mr. Thaalbi pointed out that the organization of this international event “comes within the series of cultural festivals that the Ministry of Culture and Arts has been organizing during this year, which will reach 50 festivals at the end of December covering more than 38 states in various forms,” noting that this “will give an opportunity To reconsider, in 2023, these festivals, through their distribution and support ..”.
For her part, the festival’s governor, Samia Qaderin, explained that the aim of the latter is to “highlight the characteristics of the Algerian Islamic school and to encourage artists to delve into and follow this art.” She added that this edition “is characterized by training courses that will bear the name of Bashir Yellis, organized for the first time for the benefit of students of the School of Arts. The beautiful Annaba and attached to the School of Fine Arts in Azazga (Tizi Ouzou) and the Faculty of Islamic Arts in Tlemcen, which will be framed by a group of prominent professors in the field of Islamic arts from Algeria, Turkey, Iran and others.
The opening ceremony was also marked by the presentation of a video tape about the life and path of Bashir Yelis (1921-2022), which is a pause of gratitude and appreciation for this artist who devoted his life to serving Algerian art and culture, in formation and architecture, as he accomplished since the end of the sixties a series of postage stamps and murals that he was inspired by. It contains elements of the Algerian heritage, and he also participated in the design of many buildings of well-known institutions in several Algerian cities, and in this context his family was honored.
This edition, which bears the slogan “Golden Bridges”, aims to highlight the most prominent art schools in the Islamic world and the various pioneering experiences in this field, including the Algerian school and the experiences of Algerian artists in this ancient artistic practice that established its foundations in Algeria, Mohamed Rasim, and providing An atmosphere of friction and communication with counterparts from countries with traditions in this field.
A scientific symposium will be organized tomorrow, Sunday, on the occasion of the International Day of Islamic Art, which coincides with November 18, on “Schools of Islamic Art”, with the participation of professors and academics from Algeria and the participating countries dealing with the topics of Ottoman decoration at the end of the 16th century, and the Algerian School of Miniatures through the two brothers Mohamed and Omar Rasem, as well as the development Schools of miniatures in the Islamic world and the development of decorative art.
In the coming days, workshops will be organized in the art of Turkish Ebro, decoration and gilding, as well as Algerian miniatures (Rasim miniatures), Turkish miniatures and miniatures from the Indian Peninsula, with the provision of artistic spaces for children.
The conclusion of the festival will be the announcement of the results of the international competition for “miniature art and decoration”, which was launched last September, and which falls within the framework of raising the level of competition between artists in this field, as it includes three prizes in each category.

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